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Teachers don’t always have it easy. It is hard to keep students happy, while also coming up with a great lesson plan and administering exams. Our educators do a lot and there are still many who are willing to go above and beyond for their students.

This story takes place at Sumner High School & Academy in Riverview, Florida, where this teacher was getting ready to close out 2022.

Photo: TikTok/@McClainEducates

The students had a dance off and their teacher, Ms. Yolanda Turner, was more than happy to join in. The fun battle has since gone viral, as the teacher’s awesome moves have caught the attention since it was uploaded.

When the clip begins, one of the male students is showing off his skills in the center of the classroom. His classmates are having a total blast cheering him on. Finally, he decides to challenge the teacher.

Photo: TikTok/@McClainEducates

She breaks out an impressive routine that definitely impresses the students. There is no way that they could have possibly seen this one coming.

Who would expect their teacher to be able to move like this?

Photo: TikTok/@McClainEducates

“Our 8th-grade Stingrays having a well-deserved exam dance break. Of course, our teachers are ending 2022 with a win,” Natalie McClain, vice principal at Sumner High School, said in a tweet. She issued a video to go with it and we are glad that she did.

Turner’s amazing dancing is awesome to see but we also love to see the connection she has with her students.

According to Fox13 Tampa Bay, Turner said: “I really try to emphasize for kids to be their authentic selves and to really never be afraid to express who they are no matter who’s watching. You know, the music was on, all the kids were pumped. So it was like, Let’s have a dance challenge. So I’m like, okay, all right, so everybody’s having fun. And I said, ‘I’m going to tap in. I’m going to tap into the dance.'”

We hope to see more teachers busting a move like this going forward. Yolanda has set the standard and now it is time for the rest of the educators to show us what they got!