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Taylor Swift has received a lot of credit for all of her achievements in the music industry.

We did not know that these accolades extended to the world of sandwiches, though. This was news to us but fortunately, there is a very good explanation for this development.

Photo: Twitter/@GovMurphy

Governor Phil Murphy has decreed on Twitter that the “Taylor Swift ham, egg and cheese” is now the official state sandwich of New Jersey.

He made the announcement in honor of her recent concert, which took place at MetLife Stadium. This is just one of the many stops that she has made on her Eras tour. As it turns out, the governor is just looking to settle an age old debate.

Photo: Twitter/@GovMurphy

Is it called Taylor ham or a pork roll? This politician might be a Swift fan but he is willing to offer a real explanation for the decision.

“In New Jersey, we have a reputation for a great war between Taylor ham and pork roll,” he begins. We had no idea that things were that serious but we are still ready to hear him out on this one. “Usually, we let you call it what you want, but since we have a superstar coming to town, we know ‘All Too Well’ that we should commemorate the occasion,” Murphy said.

Photo: Twitter/@GovMurphy

This man is definitely a Taylor fan through and through. We cannot stop laughing at his level of dedication to this topic. He shared these thoughts on Twitter and the comments were too funny.

In case you do not know about Taylor ham/pork roll, it is a processed pork meat that is typically served for breakfast. It is made with salt, sugar cure, various spices and preservatives that are smoked before the packaging has a chance to take place.

According to App, John Taylor, a business man and state senator who hailed from Hamilton Square, New Jersey, started to produce a product known as Taylor’s peppered ham back in 1856. By 1906, it was determined not to adhere to ham’s true definition. From there, north New Jersey still called it Taylor ham, while the southern tier called it pork roll.