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Life is never the same after kids. That is something that most parents will say.

For those of us who might not have kids yet, we’ve probably already gotten a glimpse into the life of a parent through the kids of our friends or through our own nieces and nephews. When kids are young, they can be a handful in many different ways, as one TikTok user, Phil, pointed out in a rather hilarious video.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Phil isn’t a dad himself yet, but he’s a very involved uncle to his precious niece, who he took to Disney World down in Orlando.

As Phil explained, the experience was a rather eye-opening one for him. He got to experience firsthand what it’s like to go anywhere with a kid – and as a result, he really applauds parents everywhere for what they do.

Photo: TikTok/@philwaukee

In the hilarious TikTok, Phil is seen walking around Magic Kingdom carrying his niece – who is fast asleep! That’s right, the happiest place on Earth was apparently enough to put her to sleep to the point that she’s out cold in her uncle’s arms.

As Phil stated on Instagram, “My respect for parents just went up a few levels! I may not be a parent yet but I have a niece and she was my plus-one while we toured the parks. We had a 6 am flight from Milwuakee to Charlotte and then on to Orlando.”

Photo: TikTok/@philwaukee

He went on to say, “Maliah was so excited to see the Princess Castle that she talked about this moment for weeks. Finally the time arrived and I’m not even sure she will remember anything, but it was great!”

Watch the TikTok video down below:


Have you ever took a toddler to disney?

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What do you think of Phil’s experience at Disney’s Magic Kingdom? Can you relate to his video? Let us know!

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