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The manner in which the trash bins are emptied here has us wondering about the rest of Europe. Is every other country this genius or have the Swiss cornered the market in this regard?

As a matter of fact, we wish that we could find systems like these here. In many other countries, workers are still asked to empty out the bins manually but the Swiss are working smarter, not harder. These are the standard bins that you find in outdoor locations in most places. We are not talking about your personal trash dispenser before you start to ask any further questions.

Photo: TikTok/@herolindjakupaj

In the video below, sizable trucks that are equipped with mechanical crane arms are used to empty out massive reserves of trash that are located underground. The twist is that these are not the same exact bins that you are used to seeing. They look the same but there is a major difference that has the world of TikTok in absolute awe.

There is only a small part of the bin visible and all of the trash can be found beneath the ground. This system is genius, as it allows for massive volumes of garbage to be collected and hidden away from the general public. We have all experienced the annoyances that take place when public garbage bins are given the chance to overflow.

Photo: TikTok/@herolindjakupaj

That is not something that these citizens are ever forced to deal with. As an added bonus, these people are not exposed to the offensive odors that tend to collect in these areas.

“On average, only 1/3 of the area of conventional container zones is needed,” the company that is responsible for these containers posts on their website. “This opens up exciting design space for planners, while residents enjoy additional space, hygiene and safety,” the company continues.

Photo: TikTok/@herolindjakupaj

We can see why they are so proud of themselves. It’s the type of innovation that more companies are going to be putting in place going forward, we hope.

Check out the clip below:


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While Switzerland is getting all the credit here, commentators were quick to note that Portugal, Scotland, Finland, Norway, and Germany have also implemented these clever trash containers.

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