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It’s the type of story that makes you blink twice to make sure you read the headline right. Chocolate doesn’t actually fall out of the sky, does it? There’s no way that this could be true. We assure you, we are not pulling your leg. This isn’t one of those Onion stories that will make you feel foolish for having believed.

Residents of Olten, Switzerland were blanketed with chocolate rain. According to the Associated Press, a relatively minor issue with the cooling vent at The Lindt & Spruengli company left the town awash in cocoa.

Image by annca from Pixabay

You can also blame some strong winds for the chocolatey catastrophe. Crushed cocoa beans are welcome in our town at any time, just saying. The whole incident was obviously harmless and no real damage was done. Someone’s vehicle ended up with a slight coating and the company has offered to pay for any cleaning that the townspeople may require.

As of the moment, no one has stepped up to the plate to claim their free cleaning. The Lindt & Spruengli company was able to avoid any prolonged stoppages in production as well. Everyone wins here.

According to the AP report, the chocolate nibs that descended upon the good people of Olten was “completely harmless to people or the environment.” The Olten Twitter account provided photo evidence of the coated vehicle, in case you don’t believe our version of events. Consider this a much-needed respite from the nonstop barrage of bad news that arrives at our doorsteps each morning.

This feels like something that would have happened in an old Disney movie, but it took place during the dystopian nightmare that is 2020.

“Whoops! We made it snow chocolate dust around our factory in Switzerland. The vents are fixed now, but we have a few ideas for Christmas,” said The Lindt Chocolate UK Twitter account. Save some for us next time, please!