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Starbucks has no shortage of beverages for us to choose from and that can make visits difficult. Sometimes, we just want a typical coffee and sometimes, we want something a bit more exotic. Meanwhile, there are others who will look to order drinks that offer a certain amount of aesthetic appeal. That’s where the Sunset Drink comes into play.

TotallyTheBomb first shared this secret drink and now the Internet is going nuts for it! The Sunset Drink gets its name for a very good reason: it actually looks like the sun is setting inside of your cup. Best of all, it even changes colors while it is sitting in front of you.

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Do you love watching the colors of the sunset? Who doesn’t? Well, we made a Starbucks Sunset Drink that changes color as the drink sets. It’s on the secret menu! Head over to the blog to get the recipe! #starbucks #starbuckssecretmenu #sunsetdrink #sunset

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Since the Sunset Drink is a Secret Menu item, you’ll have to order it very specifically. To order one of these beverages, ask for a venti lemonade with passion tea and peach flavoring.

Have you tried one of these drinks? What did you think? Let us know!

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