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Thanks to Totally the Bomb, there’s a new Starbucks secret menu drink that’s perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. By making just a few tweaks to a menu-item, you can have a delicious Shamrock Tea!

To start your order, the process is very simple. You’ll want to ask for an iced venti green tea latte with coconut milk. Next, ask the barista to add in vanilla bean powder and lemonade. That’s it!

Photo: TikTok / starbucksisbae

Now you can enjoy the deliciousness that is the Shamrock Tea!

After all, you can’t ring in this holiday without some sort of green beverage. Those of us who are looking for something a bit different than the usual beer are sure to love this one.

Photo: TikTok / starbucksisbae

Before you head to Starbucks, remember that this item is a secret menu item. In other words, you can’t go to the window and order a Shamrock Tea. They’ll probably tell you that it doesn’t exist.

Photo: TikTok / starbucksisbae

You can simply use the venti green tea latte to start the drink, as opposed to the iced version. Cold drinks are also fine during the winter so do not let anyone talk you out of them. This is a decision that you are simply going to have to make for yourself.

Watch the TikTok video below for specifics on how to order it:


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