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We have all heard the old saying about not knowing what someone is going through until we have had the chance to walk a mile in their shoes.

This is a sentiment that this man is taking literally. He has decided that he is going to test out all of these different types of footwear and we cannot wait to find out more about the results that he has managed to get.

Photo: YouTube/Daniel LaBelle

Daniel LaBelle is not interested in merely testing out some running shoes, either. It is not that kind of party, to be certain. When you see the choices that he has made, you will not be able to stop laughing.

He picks out everything from clown shoes to rubber chickens to ski boots. You have to give him props for being able to move this gracefully while rocking ski boots.

Photo: YouTube/Daniel LaBelle

They are not the easiest thing to move around in and we say this as people who have gone skiing more than a few times in our lives. It is probably a bit simpler to move in them when you are not in several feet of snow but we digress. Some of these shoes are surprising to us when it comes to their level of effectiveness.

For example, if you had asked us to make a prediction? We would have guessed that the clown shoes would be one of the worst pairs for him to run in. Instead, these shoes seem to be built for speed in a way that the other footwear he tries out just aren’t.

Photo: YouTube/Daniel LaBelle

If we are being fully honest here, we have to admit that we have a fear of clowns and this clip just isn’t helping us with that. We would have assumed that clowns would be moving very slowly when they are walking in those crazy shoes. Now that we know that a clown can sprint like Usain Bolt if they want to? That makes them even more terrifying to us.

Thanks for that, Daniel! In the meantime, be sure to take a moment to check out this hilarious video:

This young man has done some very important research here and we all need to be taking the time to build on his findings. Before long, we will have a comprehensive record of every possible type of footwear!