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What an age we live in. A hundred years ago, robots were something straight from science fiction. But today, they’re quickly becoming an integral part of our society.

Each day, Black Mirror seems a little less far fetched as we make advances in the field of technology. We’d previously thought that Boston Dynamics had outdone themselves when they created Spot, a four-legged robot. The metal creation was impressive enough being able to perform a variety of tasks.

Photo: Instagram / bostondynamicsofficial

However, thanks to an upgrade in the form of an added appendage, this robot can essentially take full control of your household chores. Imagine never having to do another chore again? How awesome would that be?

Well, with the robot’s new Spot Arm, so many things have become possibilities. This robot can open and close doors, it can pick up trash, collect laundry, and even turn on/off switches and other levers. But that isn’t all – there are still other household chores it can perform.

Photo: YouTube / Boston Dynamics

As the product description states, “Grasp, lift, carry, place, and drag a variety of items with the arm’s 6-degrees of freedom and gripper. Semi-autonomously turn valves, flip levers, open doors, and manipulate other objects with constrained movement.”

Photo: YouTube / Boston Dynamics

This cool new robotic arm allows the robot plenty of dexterity to move around different items and manipulate actions. It can even join you in a game of jump rope! How cool is this robot?

Check out the video below:

Would you want one for your house? You’d literally never have to do anything ever again around your home. Let us know what you think!

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