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When wintertime rolls around, it is easy to get grumpy and think about all of the time that you are going to be spending indoors. That’s what makes videos like this one so awesome.

We love to see people making the best of the winter weather and coming up with amazing activities. The one that you are about to see in this video is one for the ages.

Photo: YouTube/Beyond the press

This may sound like an exaggeration until you see what they have constructed. Lauri Vuohensilta of Beyond the Press and ice expert Janne Käpylehto are the ones who are responsible for this one.

They have now constructed a motorized spinning ice carousel and there is even a race track that has been built entirely from scratch. The carousel was set into motion after the designing and cutting process was completed.

Photo: YouTube/Beyond the press

The pair was not done there, either. Lauri and Janne grabbed some electric sled scooters that are perfectly designed for the path that they carved out. They are able to ride along the path while maintaining a continuous circle. We love their take on the race track and we cannot wait to watch this video again and again.

“Welcome to a unique and exciting racing experience on the world’s first spinning ice race track! We’ve built an innovative ice carousel with a rotating race track in the center, offering a new and interesting challenge for racers,” the duo shared on YouTube.

Photo: YouTube/Beyond the press

They aren’t kidding when it comes to the challenging part here. We would be hard-pressed to handle this track and we are not at all ashamed to admit that.

That’s why we want all of our readers to check out what they have done here as soon as they can. Wintertime has never been so much fun before and we are glad that they are providing everyone with such great ideas. It is hard to emulate all of their hard work but we will be trying our best.