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TikTok is full of different types of videos. Some of them are informative, and the majority of them are fun and entertaining.

One mom on TikTok has shared a really funny but very short video of a rather bizarre haircut that her son requested.

Photo: PublicDomainPictures

Besides just the shocking style, it was also surprising that the mom agreed to it. The haircut that her child wanted? A Mr. Burns-style haircut

Given that she agreed to it, her son now looks like the elderly nuclear power plant owner from the iconic show, “The Simpsons.”

Photo: TikTok/@pink_nade

But posting the video to TikTok, mom Johanna Clark asks her audience, “Am I a bad mum for letting my son cut his hair like Mr. Burns?”

In the meantime, her son is having the time of his life imitating Mr. Burns as he claps his fingers together and says, “Smithers” while his mom laughs in the background.

Photo: TikTok/@pink_nade

Johanna posted the video back in July, and since then, it has amassed millions of views – around 7.4 to be exact – as well as close to 680,000 likes. There were tons upon tons of comments from people who were quick to reassure Johanna that she wasn’t a bad mom.

Watch the TikTok video down below:


Gargomal or Limmeny Snickets even? #mrburns #gargomal #thesmurfs #amiabadmum #badhairday #pinknade #limenysniket #thesimpsons

♬ original sound – Johanna Clark

Naturally, there were a few people who disagreed with her choice to allow such a haircut. Of course, you can’t please everyone, but at least Johanna’s son is happy with his new look, and that is the only thing that counts!

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