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The coronavirus has affected us in more ways than we can possibly imagine. Even if you haven’t gotten sick, you still have likely found yourself stuck at home and dealing with life changes that you never thought would happen. That includes social distancing, and it can be a real challenge when you are out and about.

We’ve seen a lot of interesting innovation when it comes to social distancing, including the use of pool noodles, sheets of plastic, and who knows what else. Around the world, people are doing what they can to maintain their social distancing and that includes a rather innovative option from Paris. It seems as if giant teddy bears are being used at a café to keep customers from getting too close to each other.

Pictures of the outdoor seating area at the café were shared online. It shows a number of plush teddy bears that are large enough to take up an entire seat. They are put in place so that the humans who are enjoying the same space stay at least 1 m apart. Social distancing is different from one area to another, and that is the recommended distance in France.

We would have to say this is nothing short of brilliant, but there were plenty of funny comments on Reddit. This included somebody who wrote, “You want anything to eat? No thanks, I’m stuffed.” Another person wrote, “Makes the whole thing a little more bearable…”

That last one may be a little corny, but we could all use the humor these days.

Customers around the world are getting innovative when it comes to keeping customers at a distance.

Effective, but the view leaves something to be desired. Perhaps they could put some windows in the walls so you can annoy the table next to you.

This would work well if it was raining. I’m not so sure if suffocating is worth the dinner out.

This restaurant is making the most out of their available space. I had never thought of double-decker seating.

They aren’t exactly teddy bears but still very effective.

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