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There are times when all of us need a little bit of companionship and that is especially true for those of us who lose someone in death. That recently happened in Argentina when an 11-year-old boy lost his mother.

Just days after his mother passed away, he had a big soccer game and he decided to attend.

Photo: Pixabay/Martin Fonseca

After the match took place, which happened in Buenos Aires, Luca Güerci received hugs from the soccer players on both teams.

This was the first game that he had played since his mother had died. He had a T-shirt on under his jersey that read: “Thanks for everything, Mom. Kisses to you in heaven. I love you.”

A photo of what took place after the match was posted on Twitter and it went viral. Players from both teams came over to give him a hug and it really showed companionship and empathy on the part of those young players.

Check out the photo below:

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