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The holidays are a wonderful time of year because they allow us to pass down the traditions that we love most. Whether you are someone who is looking to bake cookies with the family or your traditions are a bit more off the beaten path, there are so many options to select from! Meanwhile, there are those who love to play pranks on each other during this time of year.

Those who are not prank players may want to reconsider once they see what Smirnoff has in store for them. The puzzles feature a normal cover, but once the puzzle is complete, there’s a surprise bottle of Smirnoff ICE! You can “ice” your friends and family and they’ll have no idea until it’s too late.

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If you’re of legal drinking age, you’re probably familiar with being “iced.” It’s when you see a hidden or secret bottle of Smirnoff ICE and have to get down on one knee and chug it. It’s kind of like a drinking game.

The puzzles come with three different innocent-looking covers: a festive cat, a happy snowman, and a starry night.

It’s your call if you want to have a bottle of the beverage nearby for the recipient to chug immediately upon completing the puzzle.

You can find the puzzles at

The first 200 puzzles are also going to be sold at a deeply discounted rate of $1 plus shipping! Thanks, Smirnoff. “While the holidays may look and feel different this year, we wanted to bring Smirnoff ICE fans some levity. And as a brand known for surprising fans with unexpected gifts and experiences, we wanted to deliver it in a way only Smirnoff ICE could,” says Smirnoff brand director Krista Kiisk.

We could not agree more. This is a year that has required a maximum dosage of levity. The puzzles are only available in a limited quantity and anyone who is looking to take one home will need to act fast! What do you think of them?

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