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Finding out that you’re going to be having a baby is quite exciting. It can be even more exciting when you find out that someone close to you is also expecting at the same time.

For two Georgia-based sisters, Brooke Dueringer and Ali White, they were shocked to learn within a week of one another that they were both going to be new moms.

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While it was exciting to find out they’d be facing the journey to motherhood together, they never expected that they’d be giving birth on the same day. The idea seemed much less far-fetched when they found out their due dates were only five days apart. Still, they didn’t ever think it was going to happen, and neither did the rest of their family.

In fact, their mother, Alison, first thought that the two sisters were joking when she received the text messages with the thrilling news. But, it turned out that it was very much real (and not at all planned).

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As Dueringer explained to the local news station, WRDW, “It was totally not planned. I hadn’t told Ali we were trying, and Ali of course didn’t tell us they were trying, so it was a big surprise for us and the whole family.”

However, no one in the family could imagine that just a short, nine months later, both sisters would be giving birth to baby girls son August 6, 2021.

28-year-old Dueringer posted the birth announcement of her daughter, Palmer Rae, on Facebook:

Palmer Rae was born August 6th at 3:24pm 7lbs 7oz and 20” long. Everyone tells you how much that day will change your…

Posted by Brooke Shelnut Dueringer on Monday, August 9, 2021

While her 25-year-old sister, made her own Facebook announcement of her daughter, Hudsyn Blaire, who was born seven hours after her cousin:

2 weeks old and already gonna be on the news! 🥰📹#famouscousins #HudsynBlaire #PalmerRae

Posted by Ali White on Friday, August 20, 2021

Both sisters and new moms shared that not only were they sharing due dates, but their kids were also the first grandchildren for both sides of their families.

Throughout their pregnancies, both sisters went to the same OB/GYN and would often schedule their prenatal appointments for the same day.


White shared with Good Morning America how wonderful it was to get to go through the experience with her sister at the same time, saying, “We got to share all the experiences together and [could ask each other], ‘Has this happened to you? Did you experience this?’”

On the day of the birth, it was Dueringer who was already at the hospital, having gone into labor two days prior. Then, while her sister was at the hospital, White began to experience the early stages of labor. She too, was taken into the hospital – same one her sister was at. In fact, both sisters were only two doors down from one another in the labor and delivery unit.

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White stated, “I think Palmer was waiting on Hudsyn, because she went in two days before me because her labor was a long time, and so she was waiting on her cousin.”

Dueringer said to Good Morning America, “It’s just been an awesome, awesome experience. We did not think this would happen. It’s been really awesome to have everything happen so close together and to have everyone so close together. Ali and I are very close so they’re definitely going to be very close.”

Congratulations to both new moms!

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