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There is something about watching a gymnast an action that just makes us either stand there in awe or perhaps feel a little inadequate about ourselves.

After all, the gymnast will spend a lifetime in order to get their moves just right and when they do it perfectly, it is one of the most beautiful things we can see.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Every time the Olympics rolls around, I get a greater appreciation for what these gymnasts have to go through.

In the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games when Simone Biles was doing her thing and ended up coming away with some medals for her efforts.

Photo: YouTube/TubiViral
Photo: YouTube/TubiViral

Perhaps one of the most interesting things to watch her do is to hit the combination of a triple-double. That is doing two backflips while twisting in the air three times.

It’s an incredible display of physical abilities, but when you see it in slow motion, it is something to behold.

Watch it for yourself below:

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