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When furniture starts to bite the dust, it can be a frustrating prospect. No one wants to have to deal with busted furniture. After all, who has time to rent a U-Haul or find a vehicle large enough to haul the broken down furniture to the dump?

That’s what makes this story such an awesome one. All of the DIY types out there are certainly going to want to check this out for themselves.

Photo: Pexels/Sam Lion

We all have furniture that we could stand to spruce up, that is for sure. This is the story of a battle that took place between a cat and a couch. As you would have expected, the cat has managed to win the war here.

You can tell a cat to stop scratching as much as you would like, but let’s face the facts here. Listening is not exactly their strong suit.

Photo: Facebook/Stephanie Louise

Once they have fully shredded the sofa, it may feel as if you do not have any options left. Stephanie Louise is here to change the game, though. Thanks to her awesome hack, you will finally be able to salvage your scratched up furniture.

The tip was first shared in a Facebook group that is entitled Tips4Home and we loved to see it.

Photo: Facebook/Stephanie Louise

Of course, it was not long before the tip was shared outside of the group. Stephanie shared before and after photos of the transformation and the before photo is sure to ring some bells for cat owners. This is what they can do to a couch when they are motivated to cause some damage. So how did she go about the task of taming those shredded sides?

It was simpler than you might think. She whip stitched some green thread where the couch was at its most torn. Small blooms and a winding green vine were also added, making the couch look no worse for the wear. These projects are not just a great way to mend tattered furniture, they are also a wonderful way for us to let the creative juices flow.