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With the Christmas season fully upon us, it is time to start sharing all of the new treats that companies have to offer us. Candy canes typically come in the same flavor but now there are all sorts of twists on the classic Christmas staple.

Instead of the minty flavor that we all know and love, it is time to enjoy a ketchup candy cane! Or maybe you would prefer cherry or brisket.

Mango chili, bubblegum, clove, sour cream and onion, the options are endless. The 2021 peppermint shortage was a major game changer, as companies started to look into other options. Peppermint oil was not as readily available as it was before and there were a number of supply chain issues that were not addressed in time.

As manufacturers continue to experiment with new flavors, the rest of us are left to wonder what they could possibly come up with next. Archie McPhee is a company that is no stranger to thinking outside of the box. You will not believe the flavor that these people have managed to come up with. They are actually making sardine candy canes! We promise you, they are 100 percent real.

Photo: Flickr/rochelle hartman License: CC BY 2.0

They have a number of other bizarre flavors available, too. According to the HeraldNet, David Wahl, the company’s president, says that people are eating the sardine candy canes. The company also offers candy canes that are flavored like hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, bacon, sour cream and onion, pickles and kale. Pickles are the best seller, says Wahl.

“My dream would be just like Willy Wonka to do a full meal of candy canes, where you started with the appetizer and worked your way to dessert,” he continued. Funfetti and pumpkin spice were the popular flavors last year. This year, Hostess’ Twinkie and Brach’s “Holiday Heat” have been frequent sellers. The trend is growing steadily and there is no end in sight.

Photo: Pexels/Brigitte Tohm

“Over the past 20-plus years, there’s been an increasing amount of innovation in candy canes,” says Katie Duffy, the vice president and general manager of seasonal products at Ferrara, according to Axios. It seems everyone is interested in something new!

What do you think of the interesting new flavors? Would you try them for yourself? Let us know!