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If you are a Star Wars fan in search of a cool ornament for your tree, the good folks over at Tree Buddees have certainly got you covered.

It’s a Christmas tree ornament that doubles as a homage to one of the most iconic scenes in the history of cinema. Some may call it a parody but we are going to stick with the homage aspect.

Photo: Pexels/Element5 Digital

Regardless of which side you land on, this is an awesome gift for any and all Star Wars lovers in your life. In fact, you may want to obtain one on the early side, so that they are given the chance to place it on their tree before the holidays are over. It’s an ornament that is sure to attract all kinds of attention.

“This fun Santa ornament is a parody of the Star Wars movies. Santa won’t be making it to delivery his ornaments this Christmas, he’s been frozen in carbonite. This funny ornament is sure to get some laughs this holiday season!” the product description reads. We sure do hope Santa is freed in time to deliver all of the presents, though….we are just saying.

Photo: Instagram/@tree_buddees

Tree Buddees shared a photo of the ornament on Instagram and it’s really a sight to behold.

This particular Santa ornament is very eye-catching. The Stranger Things ornament that they came up with is a clever one, too. Instead of using the classic logo, they decided to change the wording a bit. This is indeed a “Santa Things” time of year and we are glad that someone has finally take the time to acknowledge that.

Photo: Instagram/@tree_buddees

If we are being 100 percent honest, you do not need to be a Star Wars fan to appreciate this one. It looks awesome, regardless of how you feel about the classic films. Now, if you will excuse us, we are going to be doing our best to clear out some space on our Christmas tree branches.