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When we travel to a faraway place and see an event, there are often people on hand who are willing to draw our portrait for a price.

Often, we will spend $20 or more for a caricature and you can typically find at least one hanging in almost every home at some point or another.

If you happen to visit New York City, you can get your picture drawn by Ricky Brown. He may not be the best artist, but for only three dollars, you can get one of his “really bad portraits” and have something to remember your visit for many years to come.

Of course, it’s not all about the portrait. When you use Ricky Brown’s service, you will be able to take in his sense of humor as well. While he is sketching you and your friend(s), you can enjoy some of his humor and then have something to remember it by.

Brown got started in New York City on September 24, 2020. He went to Washington Square that day with a sign, reading: “REALLY BAD PORTRAITS $3 (per person).”

It may seem silly, but it wasn’t long before a line started to form, and ever since that time, he has had as many customers as he wanted.

If you would like to see more about Brown without having to go to NYC to get one of his portraits, you can look them up on YouTube or Instagram.

You can see how he draws everything with a sharpie on white paper, takes pictures of his clients posing in front of the fountain, and then you get to enjoy the smiles on their faces.

This may seem a little unusual, but it has to be very gratifying. Not only does he get to charge three dollars for some of the worst artwork ever drawn, but he also gets to make people smile in the process.

More recently, Brown has shifted from Washington Square to Grand Bazaar NYC. That curated market is only open on Sundays but he has enough clients that he can stay busy all day long. In fact, people seek him out in order to have their pictures drawn.

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