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Today’s heartwarming video comes to us courtesy of Luxyyr. While there are some who dread the idea of sharing a restaurant with little ones, the people who are at this eatery are not among them.

They are here to offer up all of the encouragement that they can and we are loving every second of it. This baby is one of the most adorable that we have ever seen.

Photo: YouTube/Reddit Video

This group of customers realized that the baby was facing them and offered up their cheers every time the child raised his arms. This had the effect of making the child look just like a mini conductor.

Every single time his arms went up, the crowd started cheering wildly. It is such a refreshing thing to watch, especially with all of the usual content that we see.

Photo: YouTube/Reddit Video

We have entered a world where people feel more comfortable roasting children and while that is great, we still love to see people rallying around the kids.

It is easy to claim that children are annoying, but guess what? We were all kids once and that is why it is important to treat them with the same grace that you received way back when.

Photo: YouTube/Reddit Video

One of our favorite comments centered around the idea that this baby rules the world. It is easy to think that way when people are cheering at your every move.

We just hope that this little guy had a good time because he deserves it. Few things give us more life than seeing babies happy.

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