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When we’re renting from a landlord, we may feel as if they have no chance to remodel our living spaces. After all, we want to make sure that we are getting every penny of our security deposits back, so we do our best not to mess anything up. And that’s why we stick to simpler accessories and embellishments in most instances.

But the generic flooring and neutral walls in many rental properties aren’t very homey or aesthetically pleasing. We all want to add a bit of character, but it can be risky. Fortunately for you, we have workarounds that are sure to help out. The YouTube account Engineer Your Space is providing some game-changing hacks when it comes to interior decorating.

And with a budget of just $500, you won’t be able to believe your eyes when you see the results.

Photo: YouTube / EngineerYourSpace

To really amp up the living space, they used peel and stick tiles know as “Smart Tiles” that were a great touch. They adhere directly to the walls, without causing any lasting damage. The tiles are perfect for anyone who is looking to address their drab bathrooms and kitchens. All you need to apply them is a level and a utility knife, and you can remove them with a hairdryer. They also used detachable molding around the edges of tiles for a finished look.

And those who are looking to add some depth and flair will want to pay attention to the window treatment section of the tutorial. Isabella from Engineer Your Space was able to provide the home with a wooden valance that’s a true a game-changer.

Just take a closer look at her smart design when you are ready to get started in your own home.

Thanks to these handy tricks, renters are no longer limited when it comes to their interior decoration projects.

Check out the tutorial for yourself:

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