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The best area rugs take a space from “kind of nice” to “now, THIS is cozy.” High pile carpets do require a lot of maintenance, though. Once dents from furniture are made, they are an absolute menace. And while you may have assumed that the dips are permanent, there are actually a few tricks to remove them.

For example, the smaller dents can be cured with an ice cube. If you allow the ice cube to melt overnight on the dent, you’ll be well on your way to a restored carpet. Grab a brush, wide-toothed comb, or the edge of a credit card to comb over the spot.

On the other hand, the more stubborn dents are going to require some suction. Use the credit card or the wide-toothed comb to get started, like before. The process is reversed this time, however. You’ll be combing first and then you will take your vacuum hose to the area afterward. If those methods are not sufficient for your dent, there are other cards that we can play here.

Photo: YouTube / TODAY

Larger dents need steam, and once you have used this method, you won’t want to turn back. Steam is your best friend in these particular instances. Grab a tea towel or a washcloth and thoroughly flatten it. Lay the cloth over the dent. Have you ever used the cotton setting on your iron? If not, this is your chance to do so. Make sure that you progress slightly beyond the outline of the dent while you are ironing.

The fourth and final method is merely a combination of the previous three. The worst dents are going to need a lot of TLC before they can bounce back fully. Comb the area out and mist it first. The steam method comes next. If this does not work, mist and comb again. Then, use a hairdryer set to medium and hit the dent as many times as necessary.

The furniture dents that have been plaguing you no longer have a chance. They are sure to be running scared once they see the hairdryer and the vacuum cleaner. When heavy-duty problems arise, you need heavy-duty solutions. Thanks to this handy tutorial, one of our most cumbersome running household problems has been eliminated entirely. Check it out for more detailed instruction:

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