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We have all experienced the annoyance of carpet stains once or twice. There’s a certain hopelessness that goes along with these moments, too. Once a stain gets into the carpet, it hardly ever seems to come out. Of course, you can always contact the professionals during your hour of need. They will come by and address the problem within a moment’s notice.

On the other hand, who really wants to deal with all of that? That’s why Nick Simeone’s YouTube channel is such an invaluable resource. He shares a trick to get wax out of carpets and it’s actually possible!

To get started, be sure to remove any of the excess wax that you can eliminate without further interrupting the carpet pile. You’ll also need a paper grocery bag and iron to complete the trick. We’ll let Nick show you all of the finer points, but trust us….he’s the man. He knows exactly what he is doing here and you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Photo: YouTube / Nick Simeone

This may come as a surprise to anyone who has ever dealt with the candle wax problem firsthand. We were always taught to think that there was no solution. When we think back on the time and effort that we spent trying to remove candle wax from the carpet with more outdated techniques, we simply have to stop and shake our heads.

If you are handling all of the steps properly, the wax should attach itself to the grocery bag. From there, removal is usually a snap. What more could you possibly ask for?

Check out the magic for yourself!

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