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Did you know, maple syrup is one of those items that needs to be refrigerated? Well, in case you didn’t, we’re hew to tell you now.

While items like butter and even eggs don’t need to go in the refrigerator, maple syrup is actually one time that should be kept in the fridge along with your other condiments like mayonnaise.

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If you’re shocked, then you are not alone. I was surprised as well, thinking that it was perfectly fine to keep it up in one of the cupboards right beside the soy sauce and dry ingredients like pasta and rice.

If your maple syrup is unopened, then storing it in the cupboard is perfectly fine. However, if you have opened on it, then it needs to go in the fridge after using it since it will likely grow mold over time. And no one wants moldy-tasting pancakes or waffles – that’s just gross.

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Granted, room temperature maple syrup is probably what most of us are used to. But there is a simple solution to that – just take out the maple syrup before you begin preparing your food, and by the time you’re finished, the maple syrup won’t be cold anymore! Of course, if you prefer chilled maple syrup, then you might be interested in knowing that you can actually freeze maple syrup. And the best part is, it won’t freeze solid. It might just get a little sticky but that’s okay.

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If you ever need to know whether or not the maple syrup has gone bad or not, just check the inside of the bottle for any possible mold spots – if you see those then your maple syrup might be ready for the trash.

One important thing to note is that not all pancake syrup is maple syrup. A lot of the syrup sold on shelves in the grocery store is corn syrup or glucose syrup, which may have different storing requirements. For those, room temperature may be just fine. However, if you have pure maple syrup, it definitely needs to be refrigerated!

Did you know you have to refrigerate your maple syrup? Let us know!

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