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As someone who has owned several vehicles that were held together with duct tape and prayers, I can appreciate the creativity used here. No one wants to drop a few hundred (or thousand) dollars on car repairs, especially if your car is old and not worth the money you’d spend on it. That being said, some of these push the envelope a bit too much for my comfort. Then again, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Let’s take a look at a few redneck car repairs that are almost genius.

DIY Air Conditioner


Oh man, I know the pain of spending the summer in an old car with no A/C! I don’t think I was ever desperate – I mean, inventive – enough to come up with something quite like this. I have questions about the electrical work that went into this, and I can’t imagine it’s safe. However, if the goal was air conditioning in the car, I suppose they nailed it!

Redneck Limo


Amazing. I almost have no words for the masterpiece pictured above. I can just imagine the conversation that led to this cobbled together limo.

“Hey, you know what I’ve always wanted? A limo.”

“You have ten rusted cars in your lawn, why not just weld them together?”

“Brilliant! Limos are just really long cars, right?”

…And thus, a legend was born.

Redneck Motorcycle


Here’s another incredible cobbled together vehicle. I think my favorite part is that there’s a second seat on the hood of the car. This redneck is hoping to catch himself a woman with his sleek ride!

Stylish Side Mirror


All mirrors are the same, right? It’s just glass, after all! Well, it turns out, not so much. The mirror on the driver’s side is not only made out of much stronger material, but it’s also curved slightly to give the driver a better angle to watch the road. But, yeah, let’s just tape a mirror from the dollar store on there!

Headlight Fix


I have lots of questions about this one. How are the flashlights secured? Why are there only three? What are they going to do when the batteries on the flashlights die? And most importantly, was this really better than forking out $30 for a new bulb for the headlight? Speaking of forks…

No One Will Even Notice…


Admittedly, I’ve snapped the side handle off of the inside of a car door before, and it is not fun trying to fix it. It’s even less fun if the mechanics have to take apart the door just to replace the handle. So, I can see the appeal of a fork handle.



So what if you don’t have a spare tire in back? Just grab a dolly and secure it to your vehicle. It should hold. I think. Yeah, it’ll be fine. Here, hold my beer while I go check it out.

Easy Gas Cap DIY


This looks like someone dug around on the floor of that van to find something, anything to use as a gas cap. When they came up empty, they must have decided a CD (with a hole in the middle, mind you) would be good enough!

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