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Meg Gostonczik is an Arizona thrift shopper who regularly showcases all of her awesome secondhand finds.

Her latest find might be her most amazing one yet, though. She came across these personal items during a family visit in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and is now sharing it with the rest of the world.

Photo: TikTok/@meggostonczik

“Look what I found at a thrift store that broke my heart,” she captioned the 38-second video.

The box that Meg came across clearly had a great deal of sentimental value to the person who once owned it. The beige box was filled with a number of typewritten recipes and they had also saved other recipes from various magazines.

Photo: TikTok/@meggostonczik

Her video has since received over 2 million views and thousands of comments. “It made me really sad to see someone’s beloved recipe box on a thrift store shelf,” she said, according to Newsweek.

That’s not all that she had to say, either. You can tell that she was deeply affected by what she had found. “I couldn’t imagine that someone wouldn’t treasure it — I felt an overwhelming sense of love for whoever owned those recipes and wanted to share it with others. That’s why I took the video clip.”

Photo: TikTok/@meggostonczik

She went on from there, saying: “The ones that hit my heart the most were the plastic bags that had been neatly folded up inside the box, one was an empty marshmallow bag. I kept picturing a sweet grandma meticulously folding them up and saving them to try out.” She decided to purchase the box and plans on making recipes from it.

Of course, she is going to share the results on her TikTok page. “Thank you to everybody that had the same reaction as I did because I think in our society it is so important to remember the sentimental value of these things,” she said.


🥺 #thriftfinds

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The comments that she received were very sincere and heartfelt as well. “This was the first thing I grabbed from my grandma’s when she passed. That makes me sad,” said one viewer.

“That’s worth a lot more than $3.99. No one knows where my grandma’s recipe box is. It makes me so upset! “exclaimed another.


UPDATE: It’s time to start cooking!! #littlegrandmasrecipebox #thriftedrecipes #thriftfinds

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Hopefully, Meg is able to keep these memories alive by preparing delicious meals for her loved ones.