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It is difficult to find a pastime that attracts such a rabid crowd as you will find with sports. It seems that you either love sports or hate them, but if you love sports, you will go over the top to show it.

This can be seen in the desire of many sports fans to dress like their favorite players. They will also spend untold money on memorabilia, from sports cards to jerseys.

Photo: Flickr/Maryland National Guard License: CC BY-ND 2.0

According to news anchor Mark Viviano, Perry Schafer is just such a fan and his team is the Baltimore Ravens. He’s a local, living in Glen Bernie, Maryland, and he has loved the Raven since he was a little boy.

It’s one thing to be a football fan as an adult. Some people even switch teams if they moved to a new area.

Schafer, on the other hand, was a child when he became a fan of the Ravens and he has stuck with them, even in the bad years.

Photo: Flickr/Kevin Galens License: CC BY-SA 2.0

He also remembers what it’s like to want to show his pride for the team and not be able. Sometimes, the things that you want the most as a child are just out of your reach.

Mark Viviano, a local news reporter, interviewed the football fan after he did something that was unexpectedly kind.

Since he love the Ravens so much, he bought 20 jerseys that had the name and number of the legendary player, Lamar Jackson.

Viviano wrote on Twitter how Schafer remembered the feeling of expensive jerseys, especially when as a child. He now wants young fans to have the opportunity to enjoy showing their pride for the team, even if they can’t afford it.

This may lead you to wonder why Schafer chose Lamar Jackson. He said it was because of the football player’s faith and how he expresses it. He feels it is a role model for younger fans.

One thing is certain, there are going to be plenty of happy, young football fans out there this season.