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This is the type of video that is going to serve as something of a litmus test for those who are watching at home.

For some, this may look like the cutest thing in the world. For others, it may look like a horror movie is about to play out. It’s a tough one to wrap your mind around and we look forward to seeing where our readers stand on it.

Photo: YouTube/ViralSnare Rights Management

As for us, we are firmly in the horror movie category. If you had taken the time to splice this clip into a horror movie trailer, we never would have known the difference. Meanwhile, some will claim that they are psyched to see what happens next. Judging from the comments on the video, these are tiny little raccoon hands.

If you know anything about raccoons, you know that these animals are infatuated with water. They will do anything to play in standing water and of course, the rain does not bother them at all. The comments seem to be firmly divided on this one, though. Lots of people think that the raccoons are cute, while others are calling them gremlins.

Photo: Max Pixel

It’s the type of clip that is sure to have people changing their minds back and forth. For example, we were strictly on the side of the people calling them gremlins at first but then we started to think about it a little more. Maybe this isn’t a horror movie after all? It’s all about context when it comes to instances like these, right?

In a certain context, this would cause many of us to have nightmares. In this context? It is making a number of us wonder if these raccoons were given the chance to play in the water like they wanted to. Just look at those cute little hands! They deserve to have their moment. Yes, we have flip-flopped on this one since we first started telling you about it.

Photo: YouTube/ViralSnare Rights Management

What are you going to do, sue us?

All jokes aside, you are definitely going to want to check out this clip for yourself: