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The Queen’s Gambit turned out to be an overnight hit on Netflix. If you’re like me, you probably fell in love with the whole retro style. Now, there is a hotel that was inspired by the show and you can stay overnight in a beautifully decorated retro hotel room in the 21c Museum Hotel in Lexington, Kentucky.

The room is named The Harmon Room after the show’s main character, Beth Harmon. The decor and set up of the room draws inspiration from her drug-induced hallucinations. Besides featuring stylish 1960s decor, there is also a large chessboard hanging right above the bed.

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According to the travel guide, Visit Lex, they were inspired by the fact that the Netflix show was set in Lexington. That is why they partnered with the 21c Museum Hotel in order to create a modern-day interpretation of the show’s 1960s vibe.

They further explained that “The Harmon Room is a time capsule of American mid-century modern design replete with vintage accessories, nods to the show’s most memorable moments and characters, and period furniture from private collectors and local retailers. Custom flourishes, like chess-themed wallpaper created especially for the room, add to the mod magic.”

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It is quite clear that they really put a lot of effort into this hotel room, as everywhere you look it’s got a special touch to it. The hotel room accommodates two guests. Upon arrival, the hotel will provide you with a guide to the local landmarks and historical sites – many of which are featured in the Netflix series. You will also receive a complimentary “Lex Liquors” tote bag. If you’re interested in visiting, more information, including prices, can be found on their website.

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Granted, with the COVID-19 pandemic still in full swing, travel might not be the best option right now. But this hotel room is certainly worth putting on your need-to-visit list once lockdowns begin to lift.

What do you think about this hotel room? Would you love to go? Let us know!

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