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When we think about the 95-year-old Queen of the United Kingdom, we do not think of her as being skilled with a sword. It’s just not the sort of association that we would make with anyone in that age bracket.

However, she recently proved us wrong during “The Big Lunch” initiative that took place during the G7 summit.

Photo: flickr/Commonwealth Secretariat

The gathering was arranged by the Eden Project, an educational charity that also doubles as Cornwall’s top eco-tourism attraction.

The get-together was designed to give people the chance to come together in their own communities, and not only did the queen attend, but she cut the cake – using a sword!

Photo: Twitter/SkyTNewton
Photo: Twitter/SkyTNewton

Edward Bolitho, the lord lieutenant of Cornwall, was there to cut the cake, but he offered the duty to the queen and handed her the sword to do the honors.

Thomas Newton, a journalist for Sky News, was able to capture the moment live. He shared the video on Twitter, saying, “Her Majesty wielding a sharp sword, and an even sharper tongue.”

Watch the video below:

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