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There have been a number of issues created by the coronavirus pandemic that people probably never considered possible. Due to social distancing guidelines, families are now keeping separate from each other. Leave it to human creativity, however, to come up with some amazing ways to get close to each other without violating those guidelines.

Some of the members of the family are at high risk due to their age. That was the case for this great-grandmother, but their family in Rockford, Illinois decided to create something that would allow them to show a little love. They grab some duct tape, PVC pipes, livestock gloves, and a window installation kit. In the end, Carly Marinaro created something that would allow her children to hug their great-grandmother, Rose Gagmon. She had been in quarantine for almost 2 months!

Carly shares her method on Facebook:

3 X 7’ PVC 1 1/2” Ace cut them for me 4 X 3’ PVC 1 1/2” Ace cut them for me2 X elbow piece 2 X T shaped piece1…

Posted by Carly Marinaro on Tuesday, May 12, 2020

After posting the pictures and a video of her children using the device on Facebook, it went viral.

Nana 😍

Posted by Carly Marinaro on Tuesday, May 12, 2020

“A must watch for a little joy,” Marinaro wrote on Facebook. “Nana has been longing to hug her babies!”

You can see the children waiting for their great-grandmother to arrive and when she does, they can hardly contain their excitement. They then take turns sticking their hands through the disposable plastic gloves and giving her a hug.

A must watch for a little joy. Nana has been longing to hug her babies!This makes my heart so happy. Feel free to share if you like.*** This video has not been authorized to be sold or licensed for the purpose of generating money. It was made to just spread a little happiness*** Thank you for all the love and happy sharing!

Posted by Carly Marinaro on Tuesday, May 12, 2020

She loved the taste of success and even asked her kids, “Who want seconds?” It seems as if all of them couldn’t wait for more.

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