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6. New Dots

Current ebay asking price: $300

ebay: mainelychina
ebay: mainelychina

Sometimes known just as Dots, this mixing bowl set featured bowls with three rows of dots in varying sizes, most commonly in yellow, orange, blue, green, and orange. One of the most popular Pyrex patterns of all time, it was produced from 1969 to 1973. Single bowls are fairly easy to come by, but a complete set can set you back quite a bit.

7. Gooseberry

Current ebay asking price: $200

ebay: jordaeira5
ebay: jordaeira5

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It’s not a very rare pattern, but it is tremendously popular. Most commonly produced in pink on white and white on pink, it was also made in black and yellow. Production started in 1957 and continued through to 1966. This pretty pattern was made in many styles: casseroles, refrigerator dishes, and so on, but it’s most commonly seen as Cinderella bowls, named for the convenient handles on each side.

8. Shamrocks

Current ebay asking price: $425

ebay: charleywynn
ebay: charleywynn

The Shamrock pattern is a fairly rare one that was only produced in England between 1960 and 1962 by JAJ Pyrex. It featured a white on green Cinderella bowl and a green on white Cinderella bowl in a chip and dip set. A collector’s find for sure, but not quite as rare and exciting as another Pyrex set featuring a clover… (More on that later!)

9. Snowflake

Current ebay asking price: $275

ebay: tomkat9er2

Though the more geometric patterns eventually became the biggest sellers for Pyrex, Snowflake and Daisy were the first Pyrex patterns of their kind. Snowflake came in various colors, but the white on turquoise version ran all the way from 1956 to 1967 and was featured on casseroles and a divided baking dish. They were originally advertised as “New Pyrex Decorator Casseroles.”

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10. Lucky in Love

Current ebay asking price: $4250

ebay: molliec1951
ebay: molliec1951

The holy grail of Pyrex collecting, Lucky in Love was only produced as a very limited run in 1959 as a Cinderella covered casserole. It features an adorable design of green grass and clovers, adorned with pink hearts. This is one pattern that you absolutely want to buy if you ever see it at a reasonable price; they very rarely come up for sale and the last one to sell on eBay went for upwards of $4000 in February of 2015!

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