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Neighborly disputes will either make you roll your eyes or have you rolling on the floor with laughter. If we had to choose, we would have to go ahead and say that this one falls into the second category.

Home designs tend to be very subjective, that is for certain. This woman’s situation is not any different. Wait until you see the debate that she ended up in.

Photo: TikTok/madartzt

This story is a prime example of one of the primary principles of home design. The things that are ugly to one person are not always ugly to the next person. In most instances, we should be able to design our home in the manner that we want, though. As long as we are not hurting anyone else, this is not something that we need to be arguing over.

Unfortunately for this Louisiana woman, that is not how things turned out. “So I’m painting my house, the exterior, and I heard my neighbors talking s— about the house color that I chose,” said the woman (who goes by @madartzt on TikTok). “Oh, that’s some color they chose. Sorry you gotta look at it, ugh,” one supposedly said to the other.

Photo: TikTok/madartzt

The woman claims that she chose a “gorgeous New Orleans purple “for the home. She did not see a problem with it because it was supposed to fit the Louisiana ambiance.

In addition to matching her regional alliances, she chose the color because it matches her hair. Why can’t someone paint their house the color they want, as long as it makes them happy and hurts no one else?

Photo: TikTok/madartzt

Her neighbors may have complained but she does not care. “Because I’m petty, I went to the store and decided that I’m also gonna give my house a lavender trim to go with it,” the TikTok user said.

“Look, I’m an adult, and I will paint my SIM house whatever color suits me. Whatever color sparks joy. Whatever color makes me forget about all the cruelties of the world. And if anyone says anything, literally just don’t — like, paint your house whatever color [you want]. If you’re boring, just say so,” she continued. Check out her videos below:


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We applaud her decision and are glad that she has decided to stick to her proverbial guns. No one should allow themselves to be bullied over such a relatively minor decision.

Keep on fighting the good fight, ma’am!