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If you are a resident of the southern tier of the United States, you have probably seen the titular bugs before known as lovebugs. The flies are odd-looking, for sure. They take two major flights each year, during the spring and fall months, and they drive all of the southerners crazy once they arrive.

Once the flights are underway, you are going to notice a larger number of love bugs in your yard…if you live in the south, of course. Most folks down south have gotten used to their presence at this point but did you know that there is another way? One woman has decided to come forward and provide us with the tips that we need to enjoy our outdoor spaces more freely this summer.

Stephanie White Nelson issued a Facebook post with a solution that is as simple as it gets. Stephanie grabbed a bright, white bowl and filled it up with some water. Then, she added a few teaspoons of baby oil to the bowl.

If y'all have lovebugs swarming the doors to your house try this. I just did it and it works! Put water in a bright…

Posted by Stephanie White Nelson on Friday, September 8, 2017

Once she left the solution outside, the love bugs all congregated in the bowl, making it easy to exterminate them all at once.

The post has been shared over 100,000 times and has over 10,000 likes. If you ask us, these numbers are too low. If you have any lovebug related issues in your yard, this tip is here to change your summers once and for all.

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