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When it comes to the videos that we find on the Internet, there are some strange rabbit holes that we have fallen down over the years. The Internet has a way of showing us things that we did not know about or things that we have never really considered. Pressure washing would definitely fall into the second category.

We have collected a number of pressure washing videos that are designed to scratch that itch. Once you have had the chance to check them out, you will definitely want to share them. One thing is for sure…you are bound to enjoy all of these clips!

1. If you have ever seen buildings that are covered in graffiti, you would be forgiven for thinking that the damage is permanent. This video shows that nothing could be further from the actual truth.

2. These steps may have been filthy, but thanks to this pressure washer, these types of issues are addressed quickly.

3. The footage that you are about to see just might drive you crazy! Once the clip is over, it plays again in reverse and it is sure to play with your mind if you allow it to.

4. There are certain pieces of advice that are always useful. “Watch your eyeballs” falls into that category, for sure.

5. All of the straight lines are not necessary here. This is the spiral’s time to shine!

6. Spilled paint is a major problem, right? Once you spill paint somewhere, it is essentially impossible to clean it up. Thanks to this pressure washer video, we now know that isn’t true.

7. Videos like this one make pressure washing look downright fun, let’s be honest.

8. This video is oddly hypnotic. We could watch this clip all day long. The filthy steps that were plaguing this man are no more.

9. You might have thought that pressure washers could only be used outdoors. In reality, you can utilize them indoors, too. This carpet is never going to know what hit it.

10. Tired of cleaning out the gutters on a regular basis? Pressure washing gives you the chance to steer clear of that annoying task.

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