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While all eyes are on the President of the United States, we rarely get a peek behind the curtain at the day-to-day.

Thankfully, The New York Times did an in-depth report on the Biden White House and it revealed a lot about the day-to-day life of Joe, himself, and what’s in his fridge!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

As we already know, this is one president who loves his ice cream. It’s no wonder that his fridge is full of it. Before he was officially sworn in as President, Jeni’s even dropped their own Biden-inspired ice cream flavor. It’s a chocolate chip ice cream that comes with pieces of waffle cone.

The profile confirmed that this is right in line with his usual favorite, vanilla chocolate chip Häagen-Dazs ice cream.

Photo: flickr/gordonramsaysubmissions

While Biden was living at the Whitehouse as vice president, he also had some particular menu items he enjoyed. According to the report, he asked the kitchen staff to ensure they always had Special K cereal, red grapes, sliced cheese, six eggs, sliced bread, one fresh tomato, and a minimum of two apples.

As for his favorite beverage, Biden is an orange Gatorade fanatic. We gotta agree with the commander in chief on this one, orange Gatorade is our usual go-to as well.

Photo: Open Food Facts

Biden also likes to get home by 7 PM, so that he can have dinner with First Lady Jill. His favorite is pasta with red sauce, while Jill prefers fish or grilled chicken.

Joe is generally not the type of president to make very many special requests when it comes to his cuisine but there is one that is somewhat humorous. He does not like to be served any leafy greens during events because he is afraid that some of them will get stuck in his teeth!

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