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You never quite know what you are going to find when you start looking at TikTok videos.

It doesn’t matter if you appreciate dancing, practical jokes, or hacks, you are likely to find something that will keep your interest.

Photo: TikTok/@abbey.marie98

Sometimes we may even put one of those viral videos to use, and if it works out (or even if it doesn’t), we may post a video of our own. That is what @abbey.marie98 did, and it went viral as well.

Abby posted a 21-second clip showing how she cut a potato into fourths and then cut two sides higher.

Photo: TikTok/@abbey.marie98

She dipped the potato in black paint and pressed it onto her living room wall.

The geometric pattern that was created was rather interesting. It’s almost as if you are making your own stencil.

Photo: TikTok/@abbey.marie98

Since being posted, more than 2.5 million people have watched the video. That was just in the first two weeks!

At the beginning of the clip, she said that she is going to do it after watching the previous viral video. You can then see her carving out the potato and dipping it into black paint.

After she finished, she took a video of the living room wall to show how the result looked.


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It was rather interesting, although some people in the comments said that they were doing that when they were in grade school. Others said it looked like “HI, HI, HI” or “IN, IN, IN,” but you have to be the judge of that.