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Post Malone isn’t the type of person who likes to be in the limelight on a regular basis. For someone who is as famous as he is, you would think that you would hear about his personal life more often.

However, this touching story about how he helped a struggling musician in Scotland is enough to make us wonder how many other people he has assisted in a similar way.

Photo: Flickr/The Come Up Show License: CC BY-ND 2.0

We love to see celebrities giving back and doing what they can to spread the wealth far and wide. In this particular instance, Malone happened to be doing a show in Glasgow when he had a fateful encounter that would change this man’s life forever.

Gregor Hunter Coleman shared on Instagram that he had a conversation and Malone was struck by a certain admission that Gregor made.

Photo: Instagram/@gregorhuntercoleman

Coleman told the superstar that he was no longer consuming alcohol because he was looking to save his money. He did not want to waste any money that he could be placing in his savings account. Coleman wants to buy a house and is making the necessary cutbacks to do so. This is where a lot of artists would have simply bought the man and kept it moving.

Post decided to do him one better, though. He provided him with the chance to have a paying gig. He wanted to let Coleman play at his after party. From there, he asked the local singer what he would be charging for his services. “He started saying, how much will you charge? I said nothing, it’s Post Malone, this is the chance of a lifetime,” Coleman said, according to STV News.

Photo: Flickr/The Come Up Show License: CC BY-ND 2.0

That’s when Malone offered to pay part of the deposit on a home that Coleman had been interested in. “He offered to help me out with my deposit so I could have more time to focus on music, which I thought was wild,” he continued. He did not want to disclose the amount that Malone gave him but they also exchanged phone numbers.

“Never thought whilst heading out the door with my guitar on Friday night for my gig at Wunderbar that I’d meet Post Malone and have such a life changing experience,” Coleman wrote in an Instagram post. “The hours spent with this gent chatting and jamming was life changing in itself, not to mention what followed.”