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Porch pirates are the absolute worst, and their attempts really heighten during the holiday season. But finally, karma was served to one of these mail thieves in Mississauga, Ontario.

Anyone who knows a little bit about this area knows that it is often filled with sizable snowbanks this time of year. It is in Canada, after all.

One homeowner opened his door mid-theft and caught the porch pirate quite by surprise. The thief dropped the package and ran to his car to attempt a getaway. However, things didn’t go as he planned.

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The thief put the car in reverse and flew backward out of the driveway – right into a snowbank. He pumped the gas, but his tires only spun. Panicked, he hopped out of the car and tried digging the snow away, to no avail.

The homeowners call the cops and wait outside, filming the entire incident. Eventually, the police show up and the thief is still stuck in the snowbank. He gets arrested and justice is served. Watch the hilarious and satisfying moment in the video below:

One person commented on how Canadian the entire thing is. “This feels Canadian on so many levels. Thief is wearing a mask to slow the spread of the pandemic. Victim is offering advice and to lend him a shovel,” they wrote.

Others commented on how perfect the whole video turned out to be. As someone said, “This might be the video of the year already. This video catches the guy in the act, shows him making a ridiculous blunder, has him periodically begging, has the homeowner giving hilarious advice to him, and then we even get to see justice served at the end. This is a very rare video.”

What do you think of this karmic moment?

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