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As Netflix becomes more and more popular around the world, we find ourselves wondering which countries like the same shows as we do. It’s only natural to want to see what everyone else is watching. While there are some viewers who would rather watch comedies, there are other countries that seem to gravitate towards the darker dramas that Netflix has to offer.

We finally get the chance to truly learn more about the likes and dislikes of others, country by country, thanks to a map provided by HighSpedInternet.com. They worked with Flix Patrol, a third-party Netflix search engine, and Google keywords to determine which Netflix show is most popular in each country.

Photo: Unsplash

Funny enough, the most popular show in the United States is not from the US, but from Canada! Have any guesses? It’s Schitt’s Creek! Of course, the show is also #1 in the country of Canada because these people can appreciate their own brilliance.

Photo: flickr/Ron Cogswell

The blockbuster series Stranger Things is leading the way in Mexico, Turkey, Peru, and Greece!

Photo: flickr/yumizakofashion

The most-searched show across the board is Peaky Blinders.

Photo: flickr/Terry Kearney

Check about the map below to explore more:

Photo: HighSpeedInternet.com
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