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This mother’s response to the discovery that you are about to see is hilarious. She was left shaken by what she saw and to be honest, we can fully understand.

If we had to guess, she was probably a bit annoyed as well. Did you know that the little piece of plastic inside of a baby formula container actually has a purpose? If not, this video is a great watch.

Photo: TikTok/@gillianmitchell170

We’ll be honest, it is a great watch regardless. The moment where it clicks for her is well worth seeing. Gillian Mitchell (@gillianmitchell170 on TikTok) is the mother who is making the discovery.

In her mind, she thinks that she has spotted an incredible hack for making formula for her child even more easily. Since she will not be needing it again, she is doing the audience a favor by passing it along.

Photo: TikTok/@gillianmitchell170

“When you are taking your first born off milk and realize that this little plastic part makes the powder level. I know what to do second time around!” she wrote on the video.

On these containers, you will typically see a tiny plastic strip in one of the corners. For many, it appears to be little more than a minor nuisance.

Photo: TikTok/@gillianmitchell170

However, those who know better can tell you that it has a much simpler usage and it is actually pretty smart. She takes a scoop of the baby formula from the box and then takes the heated spoon, so that it can be scraped against the plastic strip. This allows you to level off the scoop and keeps you from wasting excess formula.

At a time when prices continue to rise, it is important to avoid unnecessary waste if you can possibly help it. Gillian was stunned that it took her this long to notice what was going on but as it turns out, she is not the only one.


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“I used to level it off with a knife until I realized,” said one very honest viewer. “I just realized after having my second child,” a second viewer bravely admitted. “Makes life so much easier.” Meanwhile, another viewer admitted that they were on child number 3 before they finally realized it. Better late than ever, we suppose!