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Typically, homeowners are the ones who are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their properties. It also means that they are given the chance to decide what the home is going to look like. Renovations are done at the discretion of the homeowner, in most instances.

As you are about to see, there is a reason why we decided to add that little caveat. The HOA in your neighborhood may decide to step in and put a stop to whatever plans that you have made.

Photo: Instagram/@thehouseatdrummondplace

Miranda Dickson discovered that she had made a mistake but it was already too late. In fact, she violated a rule that goes even deeper than some silly HOA regulation, and she took to Instagram to share about it.

Miranda managed to run afoul of the historical society in her neighborhood. So, how did she manage to get into so much trouble?

Photo: Instagram/@thehouseatdrummondplace

The decision seems pretty harmless on paper. Miranda once lived in California but the 48-year-old decided to relocate to Edinburgh, Scotland. She inherited her childhood home and decided that it was time for some much-needed renovation.

Little did she know! Many of the renovations took place inside the home but she was not done there. She made a change to the outside and this is the one that landed her in hot water. Miranda painted her front door pink and thought nothing of it. After all, it is her house and she can do whatever she wants, right?

Photo: Instagram/@thehouseatdrummondplace

That’s where she screwed up. Judging from her interior renovations, she really loves the color pink. According to BBC News, the Edinburgh City Council is not amused by her decision. They have told her that she needs to repaint the door because it is “not in keeping with the historic character” of the area. Poor Miranda. We highly doubt that she ever could have expected this one.

Dickson is upset for a number of reasons, one of them being that her door is not the only brightly painted one in the neighborhood. If she does not repaint the door, she will face a major fine as well ($24,000 in American dollars).

Photo: Instagram/@thehouseatdrummondplace

“The brass has to be removed and the door sanded first and then you have to leave the door open all day while the paint dries. It’s not a quick job,” she explained, according to BBC.

Do you think she should have to repaint the door or not? Let us know what you think.