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The world of food is so fascinating! There are always new things to learn, new recipes to try, and new facts to discover about some of our favorite foods. Did you know that you can predict the weather for the day by looking into your morning cup of coffee? Or that pineapples were once so expensive people used to rent one for the evening as a status symbol? Find out the reasons behind these food facts, and discover many more in the list below!

Why Crackers Have Holes

The holes in soda crackers serve a purpose other than decoration. In fact, without the evenly spaced holes in soda crackers, they wouldn’t bake properly. According to this article from The Thrillist, the holes let steam escape, which allows the crackers to turn out flat and crisp. The positioning of holes matter as well. If the holes are too close together, the crackers will be too crispy. If the holes are too far apart, the crackers will end up having little bubbles in them.

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