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Back in the day, the process of choosing a soda was so simple. You either drank a regular soda or maybe you could try one of the fruitier varieties. Nowadays? It seems like they have created every possible flavor combination known to man. Pepsi’s been making all sorts of fruity sodas for some time now and they are amazingly delicious.

In addition to the cherry and vanilla Pepsi flavors you already know and love, the company launched mango, lime, and berry flavors last year. And now, United States shoppers will have the chance to take home a pineapple Pepsi. These sodas come with a splash of pineapple juice so that you can enjoy the refreshing flavor without overpowering that classic Pepsi taste.

The cans are still blue, and yes, you can still take home an eight count. This flavor that originated in Japan is going to be a Wal-Mart exclusive in the United States.

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Here is the new Pepsi with a Splash of Pineapple Juice soda! According to the PepsiCo release schedule, this is a Walmart exclusive and is replacing the lime flavor. It tastes like Pepsi with added pineapple juice. Huge shock, I know.

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The lime Pepsi flavor that is currently available is actually being replaced by the pineapple flavor. We’re letting you know now so that you can stock up on the lime Pepsi before it goes away forever. But, like many of the flavors that seem to come and go, there is a chance that the lime sodas could return at some point.

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Fruity @pepsi could be hitting stores soon – into it or nah? #pepsi #pineapplepepsi

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With the help of Pepsi, we are poised to enjoy a refreshing summer and we have their new pineapple flavor to thank for that!

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