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Pepsi loves to release limited-edition colas that are based on flavors that you would never expect. You probably remember the S’mores flavored soda that they dropped last year.

Now, they are taking things to a whole new level and we are 100 percent here for it. The cheeky new flavor that they have to offer is nutmeg flavored, in a clever nod to the popular soccer move.

With the World Cup in full swing, it is easy to see why they came up with this idea. Best of all, they did not release the new flavor without taking the time to devise a cool trailer. The trailer is called “Nutmeg Royale” and features some of the brightest stars that the sport has to offer. Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba, and Ronaldinho all make appearances.

The soccer legends are seen playing in a tournament against one another. The nutmegging takes place in the streets of Morocco and the crowd is going wild.

Photo: YouTube/Pepsi Global

Of course, no trailer like this one would be complete with an all-time footballing classic on the soundtrack. True fans of the sport will surely recognize the strains of “The Rockafeller Skank” by Fatboy Slim.

“This is one of my favorite Pepsi campaigns that I’ve worked on yet! Everything is centered around the nutmeg football trick, which is cool and fun – two things I’m all about,” Pogba shared in the wake of the trailer’s release, according to a press release. “If you are Thirsty for greatness, you have to take risks. This film is for the everyone with that Thirsty mindset, ready to play hard and make exciting things happen!”

Photo: YouTube/Pepsi Global

“After centering a project around one of football’s craftiest moves, it made perfect sense for us to explore the option of creating a limited-edition flavor that complimented the cunning skill,” continued Gustavo Reyna, Pepi’s Senior Director, Global Marketing “From Cherry, to Lime, to Nitro, and now Nutmeg, we love pushing flavour boundaries!”

According to the press release, this beverage has been crafted for those who truly love the sport. It is “reserved for those thirsty for the thrills of the game.” These sodas are only going to be available for a limited time so keep your eyes open if you want the chance to try one!