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When most of us think about Orlando theme park animals, our thoughts immediately turned to the world’s favorite mouse. It seems as if Mickey is going to have to share the stage with the youngsters in 2022, thanks to the new Peppa Pig theme park.

The Pepa Pig theme park will open on February 24, 2022. You can find it in Orlando Florida, in close proximity to Disney, but right next door to the Legoland theme park.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

At this point, you may be wondering why the world needs another theme park in Orlando. Although Disney, Sea World, and Universal Studios have their place, the Peppa Pig theme park is geared more toward a younger audience. It will still be a full-blown theme park, however, with shows, shopping, and rides.

The theme park itself is based after its namesake, a British cartoon. The young ones who watch the show will love being on the interactive rides and they will undoubtedly enjoy hours of fun times. Of course, Peppa will be there for plenty of pictures as well.

Since many of the attractions at the theme park won’t have a height requirement, even the youngest of toddlers can enjoy exploring the world.

Some of the different attractions will require a minimum height, including some of the faster rides, such as Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster.

There are also plenty of places to explore, including mud puddles, a nature trail, and a miniature waterpark.

If the news of the new theme park wasn’t good enough, there is also something else you will appreciate. You can buy a ticket for the park at a starting cost of $30.99. You can also go for multiple days or even buy an annual pass for $74.99. Learn more on the Peppa Pig Theme Park website.

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