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Now that Easter is right around the corner, you are sure to see Peeps everywhere you go. It does not matter what aisle we walk down at the grocery store these days. When we say every aisle, we truly mean EVERY aisle.

The little candies have taken over the world, as they usually do around this time. Believe it or not, the Peeps have recently found a new realm of your local stores to take over. Hip Dot is a makeup company that is well known for its collaborations with various food companies, and they’ve recently collaborated with Peeps! Peeps announced the launch of its new makeup line on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram/peepsbrand

We may love the Peeps that can actually be consumed but this makeup line is pretty awesome, too. The Eyeshadow Palette is a great place to start. The six-shade palette is a sight for sore eyes, with bright shades and a bevy of more neutral colors for you to choose from.

With names like “Bunny,” “Cute,” Marshmallow,” and “Sugar-Coated,” it is easy to see why so many people are jumping on this deal while it lasts. Plus, the makeup sponges look like Peeps! It’s too adorable.

Photo: Instagram/peepsbrand

If you would like to take this palette home with you, head to your local Ulta or check out Hip Dot. You can get the full limited-edition collection for $40.

The sponges are our favorite, with each set containing four different colors of latex-free, Peeps-shaped sponges! You can buy the sponges separately on Ulta’s website for $24.

Photo: Instagram/peepsbrand

What a fun gift for an Easter basket! Even if you do not have big plans for Easter this year (and trust us, you are not alone on that), it is always fun to exchange gifts. There is nothing wrong with taking the day to sit around, eat lots and lots of candy and look beautiful!

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