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If you are anything like the rest of us, you probably assume that you already know how to peel a carrot. Who doesn’t? Well…You might be surprised.

We’ve always taken the peeler and ran it straight down the carrot. Apparently, there’s a better way!

TikTok user Liz Dalton created a clip to show us how to actually peel a carrot and our minds are blown.

Photo: Pixabay

Rather than peeling the carrot straight down, she uses the peeler in each direction while rotating the carrot, significantly speeding up the process.

As soon as you get into the swing of the process, we promise that it is very easy. Liz makes it look quite simple, in fact. The other side of the peeler is not actually designed to be used by the left-handed folks out there. It’s made for the rotational tactic that Liz is showing you in the aforementioned video.


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♬ original sound – liv.dalton

The video has racked up over half a million plays since it was initially shared with the rest of the world. Please keep these clips coming, citizens of TikTok. They are endlessly entertaining AND we get to learn something new that we can apply to our daily lives on a regular basis. Share away, people!

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