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Listen, we are not here to shame anyone at all. All we are saying is that there are plenty of shower pee-ers out there and we refuse to believe that this is not common.

Are we going to admit to doing such things in our own home? At this time, our legal team is advising us not to confirm or deny these allegations.


Thankfully, we can rest assured that we’re not alone. According to Shape Magazine, a whopping 80% of people they surveyed admitted to peeing in the shower.

While this may seem like a harmless habit to most, there are doctors who are advising women against it. We still refuse to confirm or deny our habits in this regardd but we are still curious as to why they would say such a thing!

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It’s all a part of our own scientific research. Dr. Alicia Jeffrey Thomas recently shared the news on TikTok, where you can watch her clips any time you like. She goes by the username @scrambledjam, for anyone who is curious. As it turns out, this is a habit that we did not stop to think about but it could be very bad for our health.


We are the sum of our actions. Little habits can have huge consequences down the line. #LearnOnTikTok #TikTokPartner #bladderretraining

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Gynecologist Dr. Stacey Picart is here to elaborate. “If your pelvic floor muscles are tight and prevent your bladder from completely emptying then this can make you prone to recurrent urinary tract infections,” Dr. Picart explains. If we continue to pee in the shower, we are actually getting our body used to unhealthy practices.

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“If you habitually urinate in the shower without really needing to, then you train your bladder to get used to emptying at much lower volumes and therefore lose the ability to hold higher volumes of urine,” she shares. “You can also train your brain to recognize running water as a signal to empty your bladder which is problematic if you feel the urge to go every time you hear a running tap!”


Reply to @gwas007 why you shouldn’t pee in the shower (probably part 1 of multiple?) #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner

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Personally, we’re not super worried about holding at higher volumes – we make up for that during long car trips and pretty much every other point of the day. It’s not like you’re going to forget how to use bladder control over one pee every few days, right?

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